Organic B & C Complex Veg Caps

Organic B & C Complex Veg Caps

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Organic B & C Complex Veg Caps from Viridian Nutrition is a formulation offering an extract of organic Amla as a natural source of vitamin C and organic Guava and organic Holy Basil extracts to provide vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B5. Alongside these, extracts from lemons are standardised to guarantee a fixed amount of folic acid in every capsule. 222 grams of Amla fruit is required to provide 200mg of vitamin C found in each capsule of this product.

The Amla, Holy Basil, Guava and lemons are grown on organic farms ensuring that the plants are uncontaminated with pesticides or other chemical sprays. The organic status is fully certified from the seed to the final ingredient by the Soil Association, the world’s gold standard of organic certification.

The accuracy of the supplement content is meticulously checked in analytical and microbiological laboratories ensuring its safety and reliability for use in food supplements.
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